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Welcome to Sea Horse Acres... A Place to Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate!

Guest Raves


A Good time was had by all, it started with nine of us on a birthday weekend. The battle raged on and on between food, riding, and celebrating! the wild women of Columbia County!


Ode to Sea Horse acres

Three career woman

Weary of work,

thought respite and laughter

before going berserk.

Friendship were deepened, 

Sore rear ends were made,

Jogging and galloping

And racing the waves.

We enjoyed Sea horse acres

with all it good cheer

with plans to return

Year after year

The sunrise and sunsets

soothed our souls

inspired us to abandon

any assumed roles

we leave the acres

feeling fully renewed,

spiritually uplifted~

Our real selves shining through

connie, janet, and bonnie!


We are 9 women who were blessed to enjoy this beautiful home. the views were stunning. the privacy delightful...the beds comfortable...we left feeling you home with joy and thankfulness for the opportunity to enjoy!


We were blessed w/o rain; two bears marched across the front yard! Rather scary. Eagles were seen everyday. On one ride 4 were sighted, a pair just sitting on the beach another single, the same! I could just stand in total aw of it all! The fourth flew overhead four times!...Thank you Sea Horse once again for the total delight of this piece of heaven on the earth! 


 Greeted by a bear Monday, he took a look at us and we did not see him again! Love it here!! We will be back...hood Riverites! 


 We were not sure if all the bear stories were true, but a mama bear and cub ran across the dunes, visible from the upstairs! Kind of cool!! 


 It always so hard to leave...seems the magic of this place does the same thing to everyone who visits! 


 We had a wonderful time this was my second stay and both times I didn't want to leave! I will be back!

Lori, Portland OR


 This was truly a dream come true. We had the best time on the beach with the horses! Gail 


 ....Heaven, Heaven, heaven...this is a beautiful set up. A vacation couldn't be better, or more worth the money. No complaints here! 


 Its wonderful here, especially the horse friendly and safe areas!

Bonnie, Oregon City


 My butt is sore but the beach was a good time! Kirsten, Tukwila, WA 


 Thank you for sharing your fabulous beach house and barn. Horses were happy, riders were happy. A great time was had by all! Marcy 


 Truly enjoy your home here, thank you! Was able to mark off this adventure from the "bucket list"

Enumclaw gals!


 This year was our 13th year and we hope to have another 13!! Patty 


 This is year three for us and we had a wonderful time! What a beautiful place with wonderful lovely friendships made! Billee 


 Thank you again for my favorite place on earth! Amy, Aero, Calen, Trini and Fina

A weekend at the beach has turned out to be awesome, way to deepen friendships. See you next year!


 I absolutely love it here! The most amazing place in the world. I love the sunset. Olivia 


 Dreams fulfilled! Riding horses on the beach ...WOW!! What a great mother's day with all of our daughters and best friends. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. We will return! Shannon


 We galloped and giggle and grunted and groaned, we kept our tootsies all toasty and

warm, we ate and we puzzled, and read great books, and naps were needed to maintain our good looks! Danielle!


 Our weekend with nine was mighty fine! We had a wonderful time enjoying our horses and wine! To visit with great friends in hope that the night never ends. We'd wake up bright and early in the morning & start all over again! We've learned allot about each other, with some of us being old enough to be others mothers! Karen 


 We had a wonderful week here. From grandmother to grand-kids we played. We rode our quarter horses; Pokey, Easy and Tee on the beach everyday. We fished for salmon everyday. We caught several nice Chinook and 6 crabs, the weather was great! Very sunny and warm! 


 Hags and Nags! We love this place. We had wonderful gallops on the beach...we all ended up with the sorest muscles on the beach! Will return! We loved it here!! 


 We come: four women, a little tired from work, children, some carrying emotional burdens from the problems of life which bind us to our realities.

We Found: emotional release in the hooves running beneath us, the wind against our faces

Spiritual release in the regard of an Eagles eye as we stand motionless...peace in the sunset, the breakers lapping our feet.

We Left: having found a brief moment of "heaven" in our chaotic lives!! Amen!

We will remember, we will be back!


 Our third year was again the best! Our annual "girl's weekend" here without husbands and just our equine company is the most looked forward to all year!

The Buffalo Girls!!


 I am so sad to think that I need to wait a year to be here again! It is always magical!! 


 My girlfriend and I have stayed at sea horse acres three different times in the past ten years. Always a fabulous place for an ocean and horse vacation mixed together. very secluded but not too far from shopping and food! nice barn and turn out for horses and miles of open beach riding just out your back door!! Perfect! House is large and well appointed and i cant wait to go again! rated: five stars by "the Dynamic Duo" and their four legged partners!